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Geek Pop Alliance Podcast #40

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It’s time for episode #40 of your favorite week in geek podcast! Join the GPA as we discuss new trailers for both the Warcraft movie and Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens along with updates from Blizzcon and a ton of other news! Don’t miss out on what comics we picked up and tv shows we watched this week as well.

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Geek Pop Alliance Podcast #8: It’s Only Logical

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Episode 8 of the Geek Pop Alliance Podcast remembers the life and influence of Leonard Nimoy. We also discuss all this week’s geek news, which includes Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Supergirl, The Flash/Arrow spin-off series featuring the A.T.O.M., Aliens, Samsung Galaxy S6, Pebble Time, Toy Fair, Battle Chasers, and Fable Legends. Not to mention so much more, plus what GPA has been reading in comic books, watching on tv, and checking out for anime. As always, Live Long and Prosper GPA Scholars!

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Geek Pop Alliance Show #24

This week, the GPA Show starts off with a final farewell to a true pop culture icon, Leonard Nimoy. From there, the Geek Pop Alliance brings you all the latest news which includes Avengers: Age of Ultron, Supergirl, Samsung Galaxy S6, Pebble Time, and Battle Chasers! All this and more, plus our comic picks of the week. Join us for a quick look at your week in geek!

Geek Pop Alliance Show #4

In our biggest episode ever, GPA discussses the possibility of William Shatner coming back to Star Trek; a movie ratings debate over the upcoming Deadpool movie; a tribute to the legendary Jack Kirby; the new season of tv shows is upon and we talk about some of our favorites along with Keith’s thoughts on the movie, Maze Runner; the new iPhone 6+ has a bending problem; Blizzard finally announces the cancellation of its long in development massive multiplayer game, Titan; and Dusty and Ryan take a look at some classic G.I. Joe figures. Throw in some comic book reviews and you have a show packed to the teeth with content!

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