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Beat the Bad Guy Live from Phoenix Comicon

Geek Pop Alliance presents our first live “Beat the Bad Guy” trivia panel, featuring questions from Marvel, The Walking Dead, and 80s cartoons. Watch as 4 contestants battle it out to win the ultimate “Box of Bad”.

As a bonus, once a victor from “Beat the Bad Guy” has been determined, sit and enjoy Keith squirming through 3 rounds of “Friday Night Fist Fights”!

Geek Pop Alliance Podcast #19: Comicon Air

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It’s been a long weekend at the Phoenix Comicon, but the GPA is here with your weekly news and reviews of comics, tv shows, and anime! Topics include the recently leaked photos and videos on the set of the Suicide Squad; Andy Serkis’ role and other possible character reveals in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens; Deadpool finishes primary production filming; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 updates; Tron 3 gets some bad news; The next Transformers movie could be a pre-quel; big new casting rumor for Doctor Strange; Wonder Woman gets a whiff of Pine; David Duchovny gives an update on The X-Files and also joins the cast of the returning Twin Peaks; a new mutant joins the ever growing cast of X-Men: Apocalypse; Daredevil season 2 rumors; all the recent announcements from the Google I/O developer’s conference; Nvidia unleashes its newest Shield; Iron Man gets a special version of the Samsung Galaxy S6; the Frag Dolls are retiring; E3 is allowing a limited number of the public in; the Steam Summer Sale is possibly fast approaching; Destiny: House of Wolves expansion impressions; Microsoft may be in talks to acquire Silent Hills from Konami; plus so much more!

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GPA at Phoenix Comicon 2015

Opening Day Crowd PicOpening Day of Phoenix Comicon, in front of the Dealer Room.

Beat the Bad Guy Panel PicOur Courageous Panel of Trivia Contestants.

We are 2 days in to the Phoenix Comicon and having an amazing time! Tonight we had the opportunity to host our own trivia panel, “Beat the Bad Guy”, for the very first time. The turn out and audience participation was incredible to say the least. First, thank you to our main trivia volunteers (Kyle, Mandy, Josh, and Kelly), and congratulations to Kyle for beating the baddest of the bad, Cobra Commander, and walking away with the “Big Box of Bad” prize.

Also, a big thanks to everyone else we met, including Collin, Kane, Quinn, Mace, and Chad. We hope everyone had a great time and we at the GPA are already looking forward to doing it all again next year!

Beat the Bad Guy Montage Pic“Beat the Bad Guy” in action!

Due to our schedule at the Phoenix Comicon though, we will not have our regular YouTube show up. However, in its stead, we will be posting our entire “Beat the Bad Guy” Phoenix Comicon panel in the near future. Stay tuned!

Geek Pop Alliance Podcast #18: LightSail Away

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Come Scholars, and join the GPA as we take you on a trip through your week in geek! Topics include everything from newly leaked pictures of the Joker on the Suicide Squad set that confirm some of our worst fears to Bill Nye’s new kickstarter for the Planetary Society’s LightSail project. Also, Simon Pegg is making some interesting statements; new tv show trailers for Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl; Doomsday and Lex Luthor working together in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; Nintendo is bringing back some fond memories; and so much more news! Plus, we give our thoughts on recent tv shows and a LOT of comic books, including our current impressions of DC’s Convergence and Marvel’s Secret Wars events. It’s another full week here on the GPA Podcast!

For our Android fans, we are pleased to announced you can now find us on Stitcher.
Also available on iTunes: Geek Pop Alliance on iTunes

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