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Geek Pop Alliance Podcast #42

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Get ready for Episode #43 of the GPA Podcast as we tackle our impressions of Star Wars: Battlefront and the episodes we have managed to watch in Jessica Jones. Of course, we here at the GPA don’t want to leave you hanging, so we deliver a full week of news that includes movies, comics, video games, and technology!

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Geek Pop Alliance Podcast #16: Ultron Assemble!

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The Age of Ultron is upon us and you can bet the GPA is bringing you its SPOILER FREE review and impressions. Plus, we tons of other news that includes the recently leaked pictures of Jean Grey and Jubilee and official images of Nightcrawler from X-Men: Apocalypse; Will Smith gets his pimp on in The Suicide Squad leaked set pics; we get a full picture of the Batwing from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; Steve Amell appears in first official picture of Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, along with news on who might be playing Shredder; Ryan Phillippe might be the next star picked for an upcoming Marvel Netflix series; Robotech possibly has a furiously fast movie director; Microsoft Build 2015 has a bunch of related news in regards to the HoloLens, Microsoft’s new web browser, and Windows 10, and various Continuum features across devices; Elon Musk shows us his Powerwall; Batman: Arkham Knight has some DLC controversy; Valve has stopped selling mods, but started allowing Devs to ban users; Five Nights at Freddy’s 4: The Final Chapter and Mighty No. 9 get a release date; Disney Inifinity 3.0 gets a little more unofficial confirmation; Night Terros brings a whole new level of horror to your mobile device; former Rare devs announce a new game on Kickstarter; Bungie announces a great plan to provide some support to the recent disaster in Nepal; and of course our game of the week, comic and tv reviews, and a little anime to top it all off!

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