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This week’s episode of the GPA Podcast features news that includes the status of Marvel’s Inhumans movie; news about the plot of the upcoming Power Rangers movie; Lex in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is not the Lex we were looking for; supposed budget of the Avengers: Infinity War movies; Netflix price increase; Microsoft Lumia event; Rock Band 4 and the Star Wars: Battlefront beta impressions; Destiny‘s upcoming microtransactions; plus so much more, include a HUGE week for comics!

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Geek Pop Alliance Podcast #1: The Apocahorse!

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Welcome to our first podcast for the Geek Pop Alliance! We are excited to bring you all the news and more from our YouTube show in one awesome, weekly podcast!

This week we talk about how we spent our holidays (hint: it’s mostly videogames, family, and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies). From there we delve into some weekly news that includes some possible casting for the Inhumans movie; an apology from Sam Raimi about Spider-Man 3; the DDOS attacks on both the Playstation Network and Xbox Live over Christmas; and the top 20 most pirated movies of 2014. We also discuss TV shows that are coming back this season and our picks for recent comics in the last 2 weeks. Top that all off with a huge helping of Friday Night Fist Fights and you have one geek-tastic show that is just ready to be devoured.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more as the Geek Pop Alliance Podcast has just begun!

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Geek Pop Alliance Show #16

It’s the first show of the year and we discuss the downtime for Xbox Live and the Playstation Network over Christmas due to a major DDOS attack. Other major topics include Vin Diesel teasing a link to the upcoming Inhumans movie; Oscar Isaac challenges the recent plot theories about Star Wars: The Force Awakens; the new Ghostbusters film might be a little darker than we are used to; Sam Raimi apologizes for Spider-Man 3; we reveal 2014’s most pirated movie; GPA reviews our comic picks, AXIS #9 and Agents of Shield #1; and more!

Geek Pop Alliance Show #13

The new Star Wars trailer is finally here and you bet we are going to give our impressions and discuss the controversies! In even more casting news for the week, we get a confirmation that Ryan Reynolds is set to play Deadpool (again); the casting for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are set; and the cast for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie has been announced. In other news, Harry Potter makes a return; Google Glass gets an update in 2015; Street Fighter V gets announced; and we finish up with our comic picks of the week, Inhumans and Angela.

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