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Beat the Bad Guy Live from Phoenix Comicon

Geek Pop Alliance presents our first live “Beat the Bad Guy” trivia panel, featuring questions from Marvel, The Walking Dead, and 80s cartoons. Watch as 4 contestants battle it out to win the ultimate “Box of Bad”.

As a bonus, once a victor from “Beat the Bad Guy” has been determined, sit and enjoy Keith squirming through 3 rounds of “Friday Night Fist Fights”!

Geek Pop Alliance Podcast #12: Take That Slater

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After a week hiatus, the GPA is back with podcast #12 and all the news, games, and reviews you can handle. Topics this week range from the Deadpool movie rating; new Suicide Squad character news; George R.R. Martin works on something other than writing the next A Song of Ice and Fire book; the announcement for the directors of the next Japenese Godzilla film; Samsung Galaxy S6 reviews; Nintendo’s big and small announcements; the death of a video game streaming service; and Amazon’s new customer convenience idea. Plus a new edition of Friday Night Fist Fights and reviews for the comics we read and tv shows and anime we watched. Join us for another jam packed GPA Podcast!

For our Android fans, we are pleased to announced you can now find us on Stitcher.

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Geek Pop Alliance Podcast #9: Cat Ninjas Riding Fire Spewing Unicorns

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It’s episode 9 of the Geek Pop Alliance Podcast and we are here to bring and discuss the latest geek news from throughout the week. There is a lot of ground to cover as we talk about Avengers: Age of Ultron, Supergirl, Daredevil, Masters of the Universe, Arrow, Harrison Ford, and an abundance of news from the Mobile World Conference, Game Developer’s Conference, and PAX East. There is so much more news too, plus our weekly game along with comic book and tv show reviews. Join us GPA Scholars on another exciting week of Geek Pop Alliance!

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Geek Pop Alliance Podcast #1: The Apocahorse!

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Welcome to our first podcast for the Geek Pop Alliance! We are excited to bring you all the news and more from our YouTube show in one awesome, weekly podcast!

This week we talk about how we spent our holidays (hint: it’s mostly videogames, family, and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies). From there we delve into some weekly news that includes some possible casting for the Inhumans movie; an apology from Sam Raimi about Spider-Man 3; the DDOS attacks on both the Playstation Network and Xbox Live over Christmas; and the top 20 most pirated movies of 2014. We also discuss TV shows that are coming back this season and our picks for recent comics in the last 2 weeks. Top that all off with a huge helping of Friday Night Fist Fights and you have one geek-tastic show that is just ready to be devoured.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more as the Geek Pop Alliance Podcast has just begun!

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Geek Pop Alliance Show #6

It’s not a complete week without another Geek Pop Alliane Show, and this week we bring you all the news in the kingdom of geekdom. Join us as we talk about Robert Downey Jr. and his recent hints at playing more Iron Man; love it or hate it, a new take on the Ghostbusters is happening with the third film in the franchise; World of Warcraft gets a new update next week after a 14 month lull; the 1983 Jabba the Hutt playset gets a vintage review; and finally our pick of the week in comics and another showdown in Friday Night Fist Fights!

Geek Pop Alliance Show #2

Back for another show, we discuss all the news which includes leaked pics of a Black X-Wing from the new Star Wars set; Al Pacino proclaiming his interest in being in a Marvel movie; the possible death of Glenn in The Walking Dead; and new information that DC is making a Supergirl tv show. In games and tech, we cover Destiny and the iPhone 6, while in comics we discuss the Hawkeye graphic novels and the Birds of Prey. Finally, stay tuned for a new game as we play Fright Night Fist Fights!

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