Geek Pop Alliance Podcast #13: Creamy Melon

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People may consider the number 13 to be unlucky, but the GPA has more than enough news to diminish that fear! Plenty of Marvel and DC movie news this week, along with a summary of all the early Apple Watch reviews and several newly announced games. Not to mention our trivia game of the week and what we picked up in comics and watched on the television. So much good stuff that you don’t want to miss out!

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GPA Web Comic #1: Short Circuited

web comic©2015 Geek Pop Alliance. Comic by Ryan Lee.

Geek Pop Alliance Show #10

In episode 10 of the GPA, we tackle the hints that Marvel is teasing with us in regards to their comic universe; recent rumors are abound about the Wonder Woman movie and its time period setting; Star Wars Episode VII finally gets its subtitle; Amazon creates a new way to keep tabs on you from your own home; Neill Blomkamp’s next film, Chappie, finally gets a trailer; plus even more news and comic reviews!

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