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Geek Pop Alliance Podcast #30: Just Gurgle it

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It’s episode number 30 of the Geek Pop Alliance Podcast and you CAN’T.BEAT.THAT! Welcome back to another week of geek news, where we start off with our spoiler-filled Fantastic Four film review before delving into news about The Flash, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Jem, Power Rangers, Google’s Alphabet, Resident Evil 2, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and so much more! Join us for another exciting week here on the Geek Pop Alliance Podcast!

GPA Comic Review Show #1

This week the GPA may not being bringing you our regularly scheduled show or podcast (due to Keith being out-of-town), but we decided to try something a little different. This is our Comic Review Show which features all the comics, including Free Comic Book Day, that we picked up over the first full week of May. We have some favorites and not-so-favorites. This is mainly a test pilot, so let us know what you think and enjoy!

Geek Pop Alliance Podcast #15: Damaged Joker

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The reveal of the Joker from the DC movie-verse, as played by Jared Leto, is finally here and you can bet we talk about it! Plus, so much more with Daredevil getting a second season; new Attack on Titan trailer; Frank Miller returns to pen the 3rd series in his Dark Knight Returns saga; Iceman from the X-Men has an identity crisis; Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One gets a plot reveal; an animated Spider-Man movie is coming; Sony and Valiant Entertainment team up; info on the new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff; the Apple Watch is being delivered; Marvel and Telltale Games partner up; Steam stirs up a bit of controversy; Disney Infinity 3.0 has a leak; Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm gets a release date; Gears of War gets a remaster; Microsoft’s quarterly earnings; plus our game of the week and reviews on comics and tv shows. So much in so little time!

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Geek Pop Alliance Show #32

This week, the Geek Pop Alliance discusses all the unnecessary trailers Marvel trailers for Avengers: Age of Ultron; we crack up over the new Joker pic from Suicide Squad; Frank Miller returns to write the third series in his infamous Dark Knight Returns saga; new Attack on Titan movie trailer; Daredevil gets a second season sooner than was expected; the Apple Watch is finally showing up on people’s doorsteps; Google enters the wireless carriers market with Project Fi; Steam stirs up a lot of controversy with paid mods in its workshop; Blizzard’s Heroes of Storm gets an official release date; Gears of War could be receiving the HD remastered treatment for its 10th anniversary; and our comic book picks of the week!

Geek Pop Alliance Show #19

In it’s glorious 19th show, the Geek Pop Alliance has a lot to share when it comes to the geek news. This weeks major news items include the Marvel announcement on the Secret Wars and the future of their comics; X-Men: Apocalypse casting reveals for Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Storm; Aquaman casting rumors; the X-Files could be seeing a return to TV and that is good news for everyone; there is a life-size Attack on Titan attraction; Microsoft had a huge week with its Windows 10 Event and we delve into some of the major reveals; Elder Scrolls Online goes buy-to-play; and Sony Online Entertainment stumbles and falls into the zombie survival genre with the early access release of H1Z1. Plus more news and our comic picks of the week!

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