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This time around the world of geek, topics include the passing of one of the greats, Christopher Lee; Marvel’s Netflix Daredevil series gets a punishing new character for season 2; looks like Spider-Man isn’t cast yet; Terminator Genisys gets a supportive thumbs up; casting news for Doctor Strange; Ghostbusters casts their receptionist; Power Rangers is trying to appeal to its grown up fans; Akira may be back on the plate for a live action version; all the news you can handle frome Apple’s WWDC conference; the Oculus Rift’s final consumer version gets unveiled; the Xbox One gets a new version along with a permanent price decrease; PlayStation Now comes to Samsung TVs; Bloodstained breaks Kickstarter records; Hearthstone gets a new game mode; Ratchet & Clank for the PS4 is coming; the new Mirror’s Edge game gets a title; DOTA 2 gets a major update; Game of War drops Kate Upton for a new but older fling; Plus comic books, tv shows, and anime!

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