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GPA Toy Review: Your Toy Box [August] Review

This week, Geek Pop Alliance unboxes the August “Your Toy Box” Vintage monthly subscription box. We turn it into a game to see who can identify more toys, Keith or Ryan. Who will win? Find out in this episode of the GPA Toy Review!

GPA Toy Review: 1984 Bandai GoBots

The Geek Pop Alliance reviews the 1984 Bandai GoBots. We take an up close look at these classic robots and watch the vintage commercial from 1984. We discuss why GoBots get such a bad rap as we transform them from vehicle to robot!

GPA Toy Review: 1988 Mattel Men of Medal

This week, Geek Pop Alliance reviews the 1988 Mattel Men of Medal action figures. We open up the packages and review the figures, their weapons and the medals they come with. Find out what happens when we unbox a good marine and a traitorous villain You’ll enjoy these obscure 80’s figures!

GPA Toy Review: 1981 Mattel He-Man and the MotU’s Castle Grayskull

The Geek Pop Alliance reviews the 1981 Mattel He-Man and the Masters of The Universe Castle Grayskull play set. We look at every feature, from the realistic drawbridge to the elevator and trap door. Will He-Man survive an attack from Mer-man and Beast-man? Find out!

GPA Toy Review: Galoob Army Gear Grenade/Bunker

The year was 1988 and Galoob unleased the Army Gear line of toys with a Grenade/Bunker playset. We look at a detailed unboxing of the grenade/bunker as Keith tests out a safety hazard of the toy.

GPA Toy Review: 1987 Hasbro Army Ants

Geek Pop Alliance reviews the 1987 Hasbro Army Ants figure line. We look at the retro commercial and examine the figures close up along with some of their wacky names. Plus, Keith gets infested with army ants by the end of the show! It’s a big blast of 1980’s toy nostalgia.

GPA Toy Review: Unboxing 1988 Police Academy Toys

Geek Pop Alliance reviews the 1988 Kenner Police Academy action figures Mahoney and Jones, as well as unboxing the Police Academy Crash Cycle . This is a must see blast from the past.

GPA Toy Review: Star Wars Dagobah Playset

This week the Geek Pop Alliance reviews the vintage 1981 Kenner Star Wars Dagobah playset. We explore all of the features from the highly detailed molded base to the murky sponge swamp. We hook up Vader and Luke for a light saber duel and we watch Luke stand on his head and lift some boxes. Star Wars fans won’t want to miss this.

GPA Toy Review: Photon

This week the Geek Pop Alliance digs deep into its treasure trove and brings out the 1986 LJN Entertech Photon Electronic Battle Warrior Game. Join us as we unbox this bit of 80s fun!

GPA Toy Review: 1980s Star Wars Turret and Probot Playset

This week, Geek Pop Alliance reviews Kenner’s 1980 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Turret & Probot playset. We examine all of the features, from its clicking turret to its exploding probot, as well as a detailed review of the original packaging. If you’re a Star Wars fan you won’t want to miss this toy!

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