Geek Pop Alliance Show #27

This week’s show includes news relating to the Suicide Squad movie, Daredevil, Apple TV, Meerkat app, and the fate of Hideo Kojima and Konami. All this and so much more news, plus our comic picks of the week. Join us for your week in geek!

Geek Pop Alliance Show #26

This week on the Geek Pop Alliance Show, your geek news includes a Star Wars Episode VIII release date; Star Wars spinoff title announcement; Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk start a web series; the new Daredevil trailer; the Apple Watch; plus so much more!

Geek Pop Alliance Show #25

Marking our Quarter Quell in the realm of YouTube shows, the Geek Pop Alliance Show brings you all the latest geek news. This week, GPA covers the Harrison Ford plane mishap; new costume and character reveals for Supergirl from… Supergirl, Kingpin from Daredevil, and Battle Cat from Masters of the Universe; the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer; the Samsung Galaxy S6 reveal; all the highlights from the Mobile World Conference, Game Developer’s Conference, and PAX East. Plus, there is so much more new and our comic book picks of the week!

Thanks to Samurai Comics for their support!

Geek Pop Alliance Show #24

This week, the GPA Show starts off with a final farewell to a true pop culture icon, Leonard Nimoy. From there, the Geek Pop Alliance brings you all the latest news which includes Avengers: Age of Ultron, Supergirl, Samsung Galaxy S6, Pebble Time, and Battle Chasers! All this and more, plus our comic picks of the week. Join us for a quick look at your week in geek!

Geek Pop Alliance Show #23

This week, the GPA delivers the best in geek news that includes some spoiler territory with Star Wars: The Force Awakens plot rumors; more Ash vs. the Evil Dead news; the first picture of Jason Momoa as Aquaman is revealed; the Apple iCar looks to be a possibility; the NSA and GCHQ may have all they need to read your phone’s sim card; Todd McFarlane gives the ok for Spawn to be in Mortal Kombat X; Exploding Kittens ends its Kickstarter with some huge numbers; and Twitch announces its first convention. Plus our review for our picks of the week in comics, Plunder and Secret Identities!

Geek Pop Alliance Show #22

Join GPA on their 22nd episode of the Geek Pop Alliance Show! This week is all about the Sony and Marvel Spider-Man announcement and how it affects the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Other news covered includes Robert Kirkman getting another one of his comics turned into a tv show; the Wheel of Time pilot premieres and no one was ready or even knew about it; Nintendo could have been making Harry Potter games as early as the late 90s; Dungeons and Dragons gets a new video game with a cool new mode that will make it feel even more like Dungeons and Dragons; Peter Molyneux and his studio 22Cans update us on the status of Godus and it isn’t good; and finally, Daybreak Game Company gets hit with a round of layoffs that affects some major players. All that and more, plus our comic picks of the week!

Geek Pop Alliance Show #21

Marking the 21st amazing episode of the Geek Pop Alliance, Keith returns after a week away and gives poor Hayley Atwell the boot! So much news to cover in one of our biggest episodes yet, as we discuss the Daredevil teaser for Netflix; TNT’s Teen Titans live action series gets a roster call; there could be more Hunger Games in our future, and that’s not necessarily a good thing; the upcoming Star Wars spin-off gets its female lead; Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have a very different origin than their comic counterparts; AOL decides to make gamers hate it more and shuts down some of its popular gaming blog sites; Sony Online Entertainment gets pawned off to the highest bidder; Radio Shack begins to close its doors; Legend of Zelda could be getting its own Netflix live action series; quarterly earnings are everywhere and we cover several major ones; Raspberry Pi gets a sequel and the little guy is more powerful than ever for the same price point; and much more. Of course, it wouldn’t be another week without some comics, and this week we cover Grant Morrison’s new title, Nameless, along with Star Wars, Birthright, and the Ant-Man Prelude. Check it out!

If you want more information on the Raspberry Pi, be sure to check out the following link: Raspeberry Pi Foundation

Geek Pop Alliance Show #20

The 20th episode of the Geek Pop Alliance show is here, and this time Ryan is flying solo as Keith left for a vacation during Super Bowl weekend that includes copious amounts of video games and tabletop gaming. That doesn’t mean the show is any smaller as Ryan shares several news items that includes the new Fantastic Four trailer (or if you prefer the logo’s version, Fant4stic); the casting for Kilgrave and Hellcat have been announced for upcoming Marvel series Jessica Jones on Netflix, and it might make some Dr. Who fans very happy; Disney wants us to have more Star Wars; the cast of the upcoming all-female Ghostbusters has been announced and Ryan has a favorite; live action series to possibly appear on FOX; plus more news and reviews of the Uncanny Avengers #1 comic and the first Outcast trade paperback.

Geek Pop Alliance Show #19

In it’s glorious 19th show, the Geek Pop Alliance has a lot to share when it comes to the geek news. This weeks major news items include the Marvel announcement on the Secret Wars and the future of their comics; X-Men: Apocalypse casting reveals for Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Storm; Aquaman casting rumors; the X-Files could be seeing a return to TV and that is good news for everyone; there is a life-size Attack on Titan attraction; Microsoft had a huge week with its Windows 10 Event and we delve into some of the major reveals; Elder Scrolls Online goes buy-to-play; and Sony Online Entertainment stumbles and falls into the zombie survival genre with the early access release of H1Z1. Plus more news and our comic picks of the week!

Geek Pop Alliance Show #18

In GPA’s glorious 18th episode, we throw out the big announcement about our site, where you can find all our latest projects. In the news, we cover topics such as the brand new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie trailer; even more Spider-Man rumors between Sony and Marvel; yet another Avenger is added to Captain America: Civil War; Tom Hardy leaves the Suicide Squad without a leader; Google reveals their Project Ara modular smartphone; Google Glass takes a hiatus; the Xbox One has another temporary price decrease, only 13 days after the last one ended; and Blizzard may have to change the name of it’s new upcoming IP, Overwatch. Top that all off with a comic review of Star Wars #1 from Marvel and much more news, and you have one amazing episode!

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