Ryan Lee
Growing up in his father’s country club posed many challenges for Ryan, namely being put in a corner. But a young Patrick Swayze taught Ryan to dance likes it’s dirty and soon the whole world learned that NO ONE puts Ryan in a corner. As a child, Ryan’s life was centered around drawing, reading comic books and collecting toys. As an adult, Ryan’s life is centered around drawing, reading comic books and collecting toys. Something’s never change. Ryan got a degree in Elementary Education but his true passion has always been pop culture. Ryan spends a lot of time searching the news wires for that next big rumor that may lead into a future super hero movie. When he’s not doing that he’s giving toy reviews, building Lego (he’s an AFOL), binge watching anime or thumbing through comics at the local comic shop. Most of all, Ryan is a fantasy movie fanatic. If it has a wizard, magic or a dragon in it he’s probably seen it.

Keith Wasielewski
Born and raised in the sunshine state of Florida, Keith once owned a comic store in Orlando while trying to take over this world. When the plans for world domination fell through, he snagged a degree from the University of Central Florida in Software Development and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Gravitating to either the comic book or programming section of any bookstore, Keith can generally be found playing video games (89% of the time it’s World of Warcraft), building websites, reading comics, and watching excessive amounts of television. He also has a penchant for watching every science fiction and horror movie in theaters, whether it’s good or bad.