MonthJanuary 2015

Geek Pop Alliance Show #13

The new Star Wars trailer is finally here and you bet we are going to give our impressions and discuss the controversies! In even more casting news for the week, we get a confirmation that Ryan Reynolds is set to play Deadpool (again); the casting for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are set; and the cast for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie has been announced. In other news, Harry Potter makes a return; Google Glass gets an update in 2015; Street Fighter V gets announced; and we finish up with our comic picks of the week, Inhumans and Angela.

Geek Pop Alliance Show #12

This episode marks a full dozen, and the GPA is ready to bring you even more news! This week we talk about the X-Men: Apocalypse casting rumors; a director for the Wonder Woman movie has been announced; Assassin’s Creed Unity has been released to a less than favorable impressions to a large amount of buggy issues; the Steam console may be put on hold, but that hasn’t stopped Alienware from releasing their own PC/console hybrid, the Alienware Alpha; and that was just a taste of what we have along with our very own Thanksgiving memories.

Geek Pop Alliance Show #11

Bringing you the news that you really want, the GPA talks about Stephen King’s The Stand being divided up into 4 movies; the possibility of ChloĆ« Grace Moretz being the new Jean Grey in the next X-Men film; our first impressions of the World of Warcraft‘s newest expansion, Warlords of Draenor; the creator of Choose Your Adventure books passes away; the Arrow loves to be saved by women in his latest episode; and we talk about comic picks of the week that include a Carnage and Dr. Who. All this and so much more in one show!

Geek Pop Alliance Show #10

In episode 10 of the GPA, we tackle the hints that Marvel is teasing with us in regards to their comic universe; recent rumors are abound about the Wonder Woman movie and its time period setting; Star Wars Episode VII finally gets its subtitle; Amazon creates a new way to keep tabs on you from your own home; Neill Blomkamp’s next film, Chappie, finally gets a trailer; plus even more news and comic reviews!

Geek Pop Alliance Show #9

This week we celebrate Halloween by listing off the 5 scariest movie clowns of all time! Some of this weeks news includes the huge load Marvel dropped on us with their plans for the Marvel cinematic universe over the next several years; Apple pay launches and a few big box retailers on not happy with the competition; the Xbox One gets a temporary price drop; and the GPA talks about this past week’s tv shows and Halloween comics. All this and so much more! Happy Halloween Geek Pop Alliance army!

Geek Pop Alliance Show #8

It’s the Geek Pop Alliance’s 8th episode and we have a lot of news to discuss. One of this week’s biggest topics include the newly released Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, which we discuss and guess at what hints it gives towards the future of the Marvel cinematic universe. Plus, we cover the news that Tom Hardy could be Apocalypse in the next X-Men movie; it might not be a mass market toy for kids yet like in Back to the Future 2, but hoverboards are slowly becoming a reality; DC packs up and moves their entire headquarters; a discussion about some of our favorite shows of the week; all this and more, plus we give our Halloween movie picks!

Loot Crate Unboxing – October 2014

It’s the month of Halloween and the GPA unboxes their Fear-themed Loot Crates for the spooktacular surprises inside!

Geek Pop Alliance Show #7

So much news in one week, and the Geek Pop Alliance is here to provide you with a glimpse of it all! This week is packed with talk about Iron Man showing up in Captain America 3; DC unleashes its future movie plans; Wonder Woman has a new origin for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film; The death of Wolverine; Apple hosts an event showing the future of the iPad; Google unveils the new devices in their Nexus series and demos Android 5.0; World of Warcraft 6.0 has arrived; our favorite tv shows are in full swing and we discuss new episodes of The Flash, The Walking Dead, Gotham, etc; and more!

Geek Pop Alliance Show #6

It’s not a complete week without another Geek Pop Alliane Show, and this week we bring you all the news in the kingdom of geekdom. Join us as we talk about Robert Downey Jr. and his recent hints at playing more Iron Man; love it or hate it, a new take on the Ghostbusters is happening with the third film in the franchise; World of Warcraft gets a new update next week after a 14 month lull; the 1983 Jabba the Hutt playset gets a vintage review; and finally our pick of the week in comics and another showdown in Friday Night Fist Fights!

Are You Not Entertained? Show #1

In this spinoff from our main YouTube show, we talk about our favorite tv shows that are currently airing and their most recent episodes. These include Agents of Shield, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, Doctor Who, Gracepoint, Star Ware Rebels, and a movie review for Annabelle.

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