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Geek Pop Alliance Podcast #4: Microsoft Wants Some Love

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It’s time for the 4th installment of everyone’s favorite podcast, and we here at the Geek Pop Alliance are ready to bring it to you! This week we cover a slew of topics that includes Marvel’s big plans for the upcoming Secret Wars event; new casting confirmations for the X-Men: Apocalypse movie; the X-Files may be making a return to television; all the news out of the Microsoft Windows 10 Event, including a huge holographic surprise; and Sony Online Entertainment launches it’s newest IP with less than stellar results. Plus, we have our Marvel trivia game of the week where Keith is pitted against an iconic villain/hero from the past! Not to mention even more news and reviews for our favorite comics, tv shows, and anime.

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Geek Pop Alliance Show #19

In it’s glorious 19th show, the Geek Pop Alliance has a lot to share when it comes to the geek news. This weeks major news items include the Marvel announcement on the Secret Wars and the future of their comics; X-Men: Apocalypse casting reveals for Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Storm; Aquaman casting rumors; the X-Files could be seeing a return to TV and that is good news for everyone; there is a life-size Attack on Titan attraction; Microsoft had a huge week with its Windows 10 Event and we delve into some of the major reveals; Elder Scrolls Online goes buy-to-play; and Sony Online Entertainment stumbles and falls into the zombie survival genre with the early access release of H1Z1. Plus more news and our comic picks of the week!

Geek Pop Alliance Podcast #3: Setting Our Site on You

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In our glorious 3rd episode of the Geek Pop Alliance Podcast, we cover a wide array of topics from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse (where we must apologize as Keith mistakenly calls Laurence Fishburne, Martin Lawrence) to Elon Musk’s conceptual idea of a Hyperloop. Plus, we just launched our new site here at so everyone has one easy place to find all of our projects. Other topics include the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer; Tom Hardy leaving the Suicide Squad movie; Google stops selling Google Glass for the moment, but shows off its new Project Ara modular smartphone; the Xbox One gets another temporary price decrease; Keith saves the world from a nefarious 80s villain in another bout of trivia; we discuss this week’s Agent Carter episode; and we talk comics, especially about the release of Star Wars #1 from Marvel. All this and so much more!

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Geek Pop Alliance Show #18

In GPA’s glorious 18th episode, we throw out the big announcement about our site, where you can find all our latest projects. In the news, we cover topics such as the brand new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie trailer; even more Spider-Man rumors between Sony and Marvel; yet another Avenger is added to Captain America: Civil War; Tom Hardy leaves the Suicide Squad without a leader; Google reveals their Project Ara modular smartphone; Google Glass takes a hiatus; the Xbox One has another temporary price decrease, only 13 days after the last one ended; and Blizzard may have to change the name of it’s new upcoming IP, Overwatch. Top that all off with a comic review of Star Wars #1 from Marvel and much more news, and you have one amazing episode!

Geek Pop Alliance Podcast #2: Week of the Ant. BANG!

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The Geek Pop Alliance Podcast is back, with another week chock full of news, a new game, and plenty of randomness. Prepare yourself for another fun ride through the kingdom of geekdom!

Podcast #2 covers a lot of Ant-Man due to the new trailer just being released; Scarlett Johansson gets cast as the main character in the american-ized Ghost in the Shell; The death of yet another Marvel fan-favorite character; the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show just happened and we cover some of the highlights from this year; Sony announces the launch plans for their Netflix-like video game streaming service called Playstation Now; a surprise guest joins the Geek Pop Alliance crew for a round of trivia; we discuss the brand new Marvel tv series Agent Carter and a look into getting healthier with DDP Yoga; and finally, we wrap it all up with a summary of recent comic book releases with Feathers #1, Ant-Man #1, and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1!

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Geek Pop Alliance Show #17

A big week for news on the GPA, with topics that include the new Ant-Man trailer; the live action version of Ghost in the Shell finds its lead; we recently had Wolverine die, but looks like Deadpool is about to kick the bucket as well; the new Supergirl tv show finds its.. Supergirl; an overview of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show that includes a new Sony Walkman that will ask for your first born as a price; reviews of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 and Ant-Man #1; and much more!

Geek Pop Alliance Podcast #1: The Apocahorse!

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Welcome to our first podcast for the Geek Pop Alliance! We are excited to bring you all the news and more from our YouTube show in one awesome, weekly podcast!

This week we talk about how we spent our holidays (hint: it’s mostly videogames, family, and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies). From there we delve into some weekly news that includes some possible casting for the Inhumans movie; an apology from Sam Raimi about Spider-Man 3; the DDOS attacks on both the Playstation Network and Xbox Live over Christmas; and the top 20 most pirated movies of 2014. We also discuss TV shows that are coming back this season and our picks for recent comics in the last 2 weeks. Top that all off with a huge helping of Friday Night Fist Fights and you have one geek-tastic show that is just ready to be devoured.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more as the Geek Pop Alliance Podcast has just begun!

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Geek Pop Alliance Show #16

It’s the first show of the year and we discuss the downtime for Xbox Live and the Playstation Network over Christmas due to a major DDOS attack. Other major topics include Vin Diesel teasing a link to the upcoming Inhumans movie; Oscar Isaac challenges the recent plot theories about Star Wars: The Force Awakens; the new Ghostbusters film might be a little darker than we are used to; Sam Raimi apologizes for Spider-Man 3; we reveal 2014’s most pirated movie; GPA reviews our comic picks, AXIS #9 and Agents of Shield #1; and more!

Geek Pop Alliance Show #15

On location from the North Pole (or a hotel room), the GPA shares this week news that includes Superman, Spider-Man, and the Ghostbusters! We also give our review of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. In tech and game news, we have a lot to cover with New York bring Wi-Fi to all those phonebooths; Sony has a massive leak; Minecraft gets a story that no one was really asking for; and Samsung may be leading the year off with a big upcoming announcement. End this all with our comic book picks and a big announcement for the Geek Pop Alliance, and you have a show that you can’t miss!

Geek Pop Alliance Show #14

The latest episode of GPA covers a variety of weekly news and topics that includes the reveal of several character names from Star Wars: The Force Awakens; Mark Hamill returns to the universe of the Flash by portraying the same character he played in the 1990 series in the new tv show; Microsoft has a great month with Xbox One sales out selling the Playstation 4; the father of modern console gaming, Ralph Baer, passes away; the Pirate Bay has issues staying afloat; Keith gives his impressions of the new Destiny expansion, The Dark Below; and we have so much more news and comic book reviews!

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